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Learn About the Reader

HigherSelfMatters.com readings are done in a very unique and different way than most other readings.

Usually readings are done by an oracle who uses cards, tea, runes or other physical props, or by a psychic who tunes in to your energy or the energy of those in spirit around you. Although often very accurate, your Higher Self may not always have the chance to come through. In HigherSelfMatters readings, the reader is only connecting with your Higher Self, never with any other energies or entities.

Once you choose your question or topic, your Higher Self has a meeting with the Higher Self of the reader to deliver your answers and messages. The reader uses the Merkabah energy, finger dowsing and many different books, and is guided by their Higher Self to different words or phrases within these texts. These are then written down and eventually form your very accurate and detailed message.

Using this method takes away any outer influence or bias, from you, the reader or any other spiritual entity. The message comes directly, and only, from your Higher Self. The reader simply facilitates the meeting, interprets your answer and delivers your message. There is no physical presence required as the meeting does not take place in the physical.

The reader has a very close connection to their Higher Self and has been in direct communication for most of their life. They have developed and refined this method of receiving messages over the past 25 years and are constantly amazed at the accuracy and detail received.