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Your Higher Self Reading is a quick and easy way to put you in touch with the wisdom of your Higher Self.

 1.  Decide which topic you would like your reading to focus on;

relationships, health, career, spirituality, etc.

OR formulate a question.

(Soul Contracts are not included in Higher Self Readings)

2.  Place your order and, once your payment of $120 (Canadian) has been processed, your reading will be emailed to you within three business days.

Each Higher Self Reading consists of three parts.

 Part 1
  • detailed messages from your Higher Self addressing your question or chosen topic

Part 2
  • a special or important message that your Higher Self wants you to know right now

Part 3
  • a one-time opportunity to ask follow up questions about your reading to gain further clarification

A bit about your Higher Self Reading...

  • Your Higher Self Reading is a direct message from your Higher Self.   
  • Your Higher Self will only tell you the truth.  Sometimes it's the bittersweet truth.  
  • Sometimes you may recognize or intuitively already know what your Higher Self is telling you. After all, it is a part of you.  
  • Although most messages are kind and supportive, the words your Higher Self chooses can sometimes seem direct, harsh, and to the point.  
  • Your Higher Self will only ever respond from a place of love and in your own very best interest.